TAS and Main & Main have come together to bring this vibrant community and you together.


We are developers of mixed use buildings, and entrepreneurs for the public good. We build to connect, not isolate, and fundamentally believe that connected communities lead to beautiful, more resilient cities.

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A retail-centric, mixed use developer that brings high quality retail environments to Canada's growing urban areas. We identify, acquire and develop unique properties in great locations — name high-growth area with compelling demographics

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We've created a world-class team of people to bring our vision to life.

Teeple Architecture Inc. was founded in 1989 by firm Principal Stephen Teeple. Over the past 25 years it has built a reputation for innovative design, technical excellence and exceptional service through a broad range of acclaimed public and private sector projects.

The firm has been recognized for executing technically advanced projects of exceptional quality that are conceptually and practically rooted in the specific needs and aspirations of each client. The office's work is characterized by its commitment to responding creatively and effectively to the needs and aspirations of our clients as well as to the dictates of site, context, and budget requirements. These values inspire us to find innovative and appropriate solutions for each new project.

The work of Teeple Architects has been recognized with awards for design excellence and sustainability on the local, provincial, national and international levels. These honours include five Governor General's Medals for Architecture (Canada's highest architectural honour), eight Canadian Architect Awards, fourteen awards from the Ontario Association of Architects, thirteen Urban Design Awards, the inaugural Azure Magazine People's Choice Award, a Prairie Design Award, a Progressive Architecture Award, and Arch-Daily's Building of the Year Award.

Mason Studio is a Toronto-based interior design firm focused on the integration of art, object, graphics and technology. By merging the minds of a team of creative professionals, multidisciplinary design solutions arise to present new ways to engage with our everyday environments.

Though our experiences extend to almost every continent, we maintain a deep connection with Canada and make it a necessity to engage at a local level at every opportunity. It is an understanding of Canadian design in a global context which gives potency to our designs.

Our creations are not the product of an isolated process. Our model is based on a collaborative strength, bringing together the sharpest minds and the steadiest hands to help bring our visions to life. Together, we become Canadian design; not by defining a new aesthetic, but by creating a collaborative and shared process. With these talented artists to help support our craft, we are proud to call Canada our home and native land.

Paul Johnston specializes in unique urban homes in Toronto. Paul and his team are at the forefront of new and progressive modern housing in the city, and represent properties and developments that are rich in architectural significance. His expertise stretches throughout Toronto, ranging from grand single family homes, to contemporary town home developments and striking mid-rise buildings. He believes that good design is essential to good living, and that the city deserves architecture that is reflective of the times in which we live: bold yet graceful homes, crafted of fine materials, that celebrate the joys of modern family living.